The Story Behind #ThatOtherShirt

Click below to watch the video from the original Kickstarter campaign

It all started with a tweet from writer and designer Elly Zupko.


You might recognize the image above as Dr. Matt Taylor, the Project Scientist on the Rosetta mission to put the Philae lander on a comet. This was an astounding scientific achievement! But the celebration of this achievement was diminished by Dr. Taylor's unfortunate choice of wardrobe, which featured illustrations of scantily clad women holding weapons and gained attention under the hashtag #ThatShirt. For many, this was a tough reminder that STEM fields have historically not been welcoming environments for women who want to be judged solely on their abilities.


Through her image, Zupko wanted to make the point that you can celebrate women you admire through your apparel--but in the context of a great scientific achievement, how about celebrating women who have made great achievements of their own? 


Zupko's image started out as simple commentary, but suddenly it gained international attention. The idea clearly struck a chord--but then people began asking for that "other" shirt to become a reality. 


Working with her supporters to crowdsource the group of women who would be included on the new shirt, Zupko executed a fundraising campaign on Kickstarter to transform concept to reality. She eventually raised over $33,000 and sold over 700 shirts in the initial print run. 


In December 2014, Zupko founded SMLX Good, a non-profit corporation, as a way to sustain the momentum created by the #ThatOtherShirt project. SMLX Good's first major donation was over $4,000 worth of shirts to the Lancaster Science Factory, which stocks them in their gift shop.