Limited Hawaiian-Style Shirts Available + Potential New Products

Due to popular demand, we've added a very limited stock of Hawaiian-style shirts to our store. We only have a few of each size, so make sure you get them before they're gone!

I've received many questions about whether we'll be doing another run of Hawaiian-style shirts in the future. The answer is still up in the air. These shirts are very expensive to produce (even as compared to the t-shirts, which are expensive in themselves!) and have very thin margins, meaning we barely cover our expenses. They were initially meant as a limited edition only for the Kickstarter; however, they still remain in demand! We are looking into solutions, such as running a presale with a fixed minimum, but we will likely not be able to stock these on an ongoing basis.

I understand that the collared shirts are popular because they are appropriate for a professional setting. In that light, we are looking into the possibility of offering silk neckties and silk scarves featuring the "STEM: Women Are All Over It" pattern, at about $24 each. Is that something that would interest you? Let us know in the comments!

#thatothershirt #hawaiian #necktie #scarf

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